My inspiration

At my very first encounter behind a camera, I absolutely fell in love with taking photographs. I found the process both intriguing and deeply mysterious. The joy of capturing and playing with light and form, elated me and enriched my life. My camera has since become the medium for my need to create. Whenever able to capture people's images – their individuality and personality through portraits, I find myself in my natural element. Women and nature however, are my biggest inspiration.

My most recent portfolio "Konur" is inspired by women –their elegance and the inherent beauty in the relationship women have with each other. Generations of women, their inner-strength as individuals and the strength they find in their relations with each other, entrances me. A woman transitions from a child to sister, from a mother to grandmother. As the years pass, her role is often reversed, and the daughter may become the caregiver for her aging mother. I believe that one of our greatest gifts in life is to care for others. This portfolio, like most of my work, is a "work in progress." I am always looking for mothers and daughters, grandmothers and granddaughters to model alone or together. Please consider contacting me if you are interested in being part of my portfolio, "Konur."

In my "Fine Art" portfolio, I display some photos from another portfolio of mine, "Eik." Eik is my interpretation of mother nature and the cycle of life. The pictures celebrate the mother of all, the beginning of life, our youth and our connection with the elements of nature. We are all one with nature, connected and entangled together.

My self-portrait montage as an independent body of work, are what I call "Reflections in Time." There comes a time in each of our lives, when we reflect back to previous moments. To me these moments represent the many and varied roles of women, both in society and at home. When we look in the mirror, what do we see? Do we see mere reflections of youth, and do we feel that time is perhaps lost, or do we possess the ability to glimpse the true beauty of maturity and experience? My self-portraits are my interpretation and self-expression of such reflections.